by MikeP

In the post 9-11 world, clouds are more important than ever. Without clouds we would be pouned on by extreme amounts of sunlight. Sunlight can lead to skin cancer, and that ain't good.  

So it would seem like I would be an advocate of clouds and the things that clouds do for society.
But I'm not.
Now I bet you want to ask me, "Mike, how can you possibly hate clouds.  They stop skin cancer.  
Are you saying you like skin cancer?  Maybe even love it?" To that I say, "NO!". How could you possibly ask such a thing.  Skin cancer is one of the most horrible diseases of the skin known to man.  Acne can't hold a candle to some really nasty melanoma.  So, no dear reader, I don't like skin cancer.
But that doesn't mean I have to like clouds and you know it.
Sometimes clouds can be nice.  Those long whisphy clouds you see in the summer while your eating a delicious Eskimo Pie are unforgettable.  But for every day of what some cloud-enthusiasts call "wonder-clouds", there are dozens of days of heavy gray clouds that cover the whole sky.
Those suck!
Not being able to see the blueness of the sky just plain reels in my rod.  "Wonder-clouds" are not worth the depressing gray (sometimes black) days of winter.  
So in conclusion, I ain't a cloud fan and I never will be.  Now somebody get me some cotton candy. Hey!, did you ever notice how cotton candy looks like a cloud.  I like cotton candy. Change in plans.  Clouds (i.e. cotton candy of the sky) are sweeeeeeet