Boy plays hide and go seek; never found

by C.B. Renz

A little boy is missing following an intense game of hide and go seek
this thursday. The boys name is Mikey Smalls, and the incident occurred
on 144 W. Green St. on Chicago’s lower west side. According to Mikey’s
friend, Jimmy Little, Mikey has been missing for the past three days.

“We were just playing, I didn’t mean for anything bad to happen. I told
him not to do it,” cried Jimmy. “He offered me his fire truck if I
played, and it goes vrrrrooommmm, so I said yes.”

The incident has left the neighborhood stunned. Many mothers are now
both angred and saddened by the incident. One of the mothers, Cynthia
Kieger, has founded a new organization to help keep kids safe.

“We’re calling this the Mothers Against Children Having Fun (MACHF),”
commented Cindy. “We believe that it is better to be safe than have any
fun at all. Our children’s futures are depending on it!”

While the mothers were teamed up in their fight against entertainment,
many officials came in to view the scene--little was found. Local
investigators then began to bring in outside help.

One source of help came from the University of Illinois’ Gregor Mezdel.
Gregor Mezdel has degrees in both nuclear physics and astronomy, and has
brought up an important theory in the mystery of Mikey: The Black Hole

“When the positive energy is too high in a child,” stated Gregor, “this
can create a tear in the space time continuum. This would suck the child
in like a worm, and collapse due to the matter of the child. It is
really quite simple.”

While many debated over the ‘Black Hole Theory’, and also Gregor’s
sanity, there were other possibilities that were put forth. Such
possibilities include falling in the garbage disposal, being mailed to
China, and even murdered by O.J.

Still, many believe that Mikey is still out there. The parents of Mikey
Smalls urge you to notify police if you see a small blonde hair, blue
eyed boy that resembles a mouse. Your help would be greatly appreciated.